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Safety First.

Some important tips to make your experience of buying a vehicle as safe for you as possible.


  1 CHECK for any existing HP on the vehicle. Less of a problem with dealers.
RAC HP check, (online), £5 for one car, £12 for three cars.
  2 Avoid, if possible, going to view a car alone.
  3 If you have to go alone, you must take a mobile phone with you and tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back.
  4 Never go to view a car in the dark.
  5 Never agree to view a car alone if it is in a remote location.
Wait until you can take a friend along with you.
  6 Ensure (as best you can) that you take away with you all of the spare keys belonging to your new Vehicle.
  7 Check out the sound advice offered by the "Office of Fair Trading" about buying a used vehicle.

Have you had a bad experience buying or selling a car?
Whatever the reason. Can somebody else learn something from your experience?
If you would you like to share it with us, please contact us with your story and we will post it on our pages, anonymously or otherwise. That is up to you.
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