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1 Price to sell.
    Do your homework and check the prices of similar vehicles for sale on this site and in your local press. Set your price accordingly. Be competitive.
2 Give your vehicle a good valet inside and out.
    This will cost you very little if you do it yourself, but would make your vehicle much more appealing to a prospective buyer. You would certainly stand a better chance of getting a sale, and probably at the price you want.
3 Buy a touch-up paint kit and attend to those little spots.
    The kits are quite cheap and easy to use. This could mean the difference between just selling your vehicle and actually getting the price that you want.
4 Sell the good points about your vehicle.
    Economical. Reliable. Comfortable. Low mileage, etc.........
5 When you get a prospective buyer:
  a) Do not allow the prospective buyer to "test drive" the vehicle on their own. If you do, you may never see your vehicle again. If they object, find another buyer.
  b) Take a friend in the vehicle with you if you allow the prospective buyer to "test drive" the vehicle. If they object, it is safer to find a new buyer.

Have you had a bad experience buying or selling a car?
Whatever the reason. Can somebody else learn something from your experience?
If you would you like to share it with us, please contact us with your story and we will post it on our pages, anonymously or otherwise. That is up to you.
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